http://fcl-feytiat.fr/?sdrer=je-cherche-fille-serieuse&1f6=8a Most history starts with a find.
rencontre scenari So what happens when you start with an urban myth?

go Today the Thames riverboat pilots tell the story of Waterloo Bridge being built by women during the Second World War, they kept the story alive since the 1950’s.

http://funeral-home.be/plevenw/7625 However, no “official” record of this history existed as historian Dr Christine Wall discovered after years of trawling through the archives.

http://www.mabnapouyesh.com/dfdf/3332 In 2005, film-makers Karen Livesey and Jo Wiser joined the search, making an oral history film of the journey to find these women.

rencontres femmes var The Ladies’ Bridge documentary explores why these bridge builders and many thousands of female construction workers had been written out of history.

It was not until 2015, with the find of these three photographs and a crucial interview from the The Ladies’ Bridge documentary , that Historic England officially acknowledged womens’ contribution to the building of the bridge with a listing.

http://backyardgardensjoseph.com/?bioener=vladivostok-dating&539=ff The Ladies’ Bridge Documentary ( 30 minutes )

como ligar gratis de claro para vivo Director: Karen Livesey

site de rencontre bonne famille Producers :  Jo Wiser & Karen Livesey


The LIGHT UP THE LADIES' BRIDGE  event, the 2015 Historic England listing  and a petition have led to English Heritage considering the placement of a blue plaque on Waterloo Bridge.

Please sign our petition for the plaque:


It inspired me to go away and interview my Nan.

Marieke Evans   Education outreach at Manchester Science Museum